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Free Download "The Black-Rosed Hills
BiBouddha is a Tunisian ambientRock band with various music background influences.
Co-founders MoonyZ and BiBo have started collaborating since January 2010.
The Black-Rosed hills is the Bibouddha's first album released on March 2011 by Sirius Music(Tunisia) and Chabane's Records (Worldwide) six months following the "Heart Beats" demo release.
3 Female singers with crystalline voices have actively
contributed to this project:
AYA, Myllenium Cappella and NADJA
The Band's line up is continueously evolving as nothing is constant for the Bibouddhas but change.
The current project members are as follows:
BiBo & MoonyZ - Music and Visual Conception.
Myllenium Capella - Vocal and Visual Conception
Mohammed - Drums
Karim - Bass
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